Presentation of GIMMO – an exciting experience

15. 02. 2016

Long planned opening presentation of Virtual Promoter GIMMO took place in the Clarion Congress Hotel on the occasion of Retail Summit Conference 2016 on Feb 1st – 3rd.
More than 600 visitors came to see the interactive novelty. For 70 % of guests it was the first encounter with an interactive device controlled by gestures. 217 visitors explored the functions, possibilities and potential of GIMMO in person. Up to 80 % of those who saw the GIMMO  could think of at least one function of the Virtual Promoter that could be used in their field of business.
The respondents mainly appreciated  the interactive way of communication and a unique and modern character of the device. Selected comments from visitor´s questionnaire:
„Really a very interesting new thing in a long time, mainly we appreciate that it’s modern and trendy.“
„Unexpected possibility to mix fun and advertising, there’s a future!”
„The application solution looks really smart, I like the fact that it can be tailor-made acdcording to what we have available and what we want to communicate.“
GIMMO. Leads to the goal.