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Company ppm factum s.r.o. offers not only extensive experience but also a wide range of high-quality staff members with many years of experience in the fast-moving consumer goodssector.

Our retail audit data are renowned for their robustness, precise methodology and valued panels.

Top quality merchandising projects are assured by a large and very stable team of skilled workers both in the office and in the field with national coverage by experienced Area Managers.

Promo&Events combines ppm´s own creative concepts with detailed work in production and expertise in carefully selected locations for success.

Financial stability guarantees regular and timely payments to all employees in the field which makes ppm quite unique in the area of merchandising, promoting and monitoring.

All POS materials are distributed to the regions from a central ppm factum warehouse located in Prague utilizing the “just-in-time” mode.


Member of European Field Marketing Partners association

ppm factum mindset principles

  • we think on behalf of the client
  • we respond to client´s needs
  • we listen to client´s suggestions
  • we meet client´s expectations
  • we innovate processes
  • we propose solutions
  • we find solutions
  • we increase efficiency
  • we implement the newest methods
  • we reduce client´s costs
  • we look for the most effective solutions

The company is certified along with ČSN EN

  • ISO 9001:2009
  • ISO 22000:2006

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