Retail audit

Do you place all your hopes for a successful business into the hands of sales reps, single product or single promotion? You might be interested on how the individual aspects of your business are performing. Let us introduce you to our retail audit service that offers a unique combination of several indicators to reveal data that will help you in the day-to-day business activities. Audits are executed by professional teams of more than 70 auditors in the Czech Republic and 35 auditors in the Slovak Republic. They monitor and help you manage your sales reps´ performance, market situation, price development and measure the ability of your store employees to satisfy the demands of customers.

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Sales reps´ performance monitoring: PPM Socrates®

Internal evaluation of sales teams is rarely objective. Find out how your sales reps are really performing via sound data and analysis. The results of sales reps´ tracking are very direct in revealing their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to SOCRATES® you will see immediately which branches or stores perform better or worse for specific sales rep.i prodejnách dosahuje konkrétní obchodní zástupce lepších či horších obchodních výsledků.

How are we going to evaluate your sales team? The most common criteria for evaluation of sales representative performance are:

  • availability of TOP products – monitoring of products availability on the shelves, shelf and assortment share, sufficient inventory, tidiness
  • distribution of OOS and OSA  
  • shelf position and shares in comparison with competitors, presentation method of one´s own brands in a particular sales area
  • communication and activities of a sales representative in the store

Track market information every day and react timely to your competitor’s actions. The service focuses on aspects used for analysis on how the client performs in comparison with the competitors and with respect to market development. ppm will track for you:

  • development of shelf space by product share, the ratio you share shelf space with the competition
  • number of various products the consumer can choose from in a given category
  • range of your goods or area size of your goods in a secondary placement

Product price monitoring: PPM Price monitor®

Price monitoring will show you a clear picture of shelf prices. It monitors prices of goods in leaflets, special prices, promo prices and the set-up of price limits. It tracks a product price. It processes current price lists, price development analysis and special price activity for you.

Store activity monitoring: Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping was developed for quick quality checkup of retail services and staff. A secret customer is dispatched to your store with a task to buy a product, play a certain scenario to verify the sales arguments and responses of the staff or to evaluate the store condition. The service is unique because it provides the client with the possibility to react to the research results very quickly.

What can you gain by using Retail Audit service?

  • unique arguments for dealing with retail chains
  • well-founded facts for internal decisions on investments and innovations
  • competitive advantage and outstanding information for further decisions
  • feedback on your product shelf space share vs. competition
  • checking prices of products and their correct promotion
  • staff evaluation in store where your product is displayed