BeBe roadshow

01. 02. 2016

During January and February of 2016 you will be seeing the BeBe Dobré ráno road show we have prepared for Mondeléz in the Czech and Slovak TOP hypermarkets. 
This year, the very successful concept has been enhanced by new elements. The key change presents a “Breakfast Expert Bar” that inspires customers with interesting recipes on how to prepare breakfast with BeBe biscuits. 
For example, it is possible to try BeBe dobré ráno with mint, cranberries, oranges and other ingredients that are suitable for a well-balanced breakfast. 
To make our breakfasts complete, apart from BeBe dobré ráno, our customers at the “Bar”, will have a chance to try Coca-Cola products – fresh Cappy juices.
Nutritional counsellors will participate as well. They will prepare for our customers useful tips on what is a well-balanced breakfast; provide information about the nutritional values of breakfasts and foods in general. 
You can check our gallery to see how successful we were with the project.