Are interviewers still needed and important?

13. 09. 2022

Online research has become increasingly popular in recent years: extensive quantitative studies, online group discussions, or in-depth interviews. The advantages are indisputable speed, less financial burden, and also convenience for the respondents. So the question is - is it necessary to conduct research using interviewers?
At ppm factum Research, we still do a classic survey. It was difficult to keep it during the Covid-19 pandemic, but traditional research using interviewers doing interviews with respondents is not over yet. How else would we be able to implement e.g.

  • A survey among Ukrainians who escaped to our country before the war.
  • Satisfaction survey, with real customers during the shopping.
  • Savings among the homeless (in cooperation with field workers).

It´s impossible without interviewers in many cases. Especially if the target group for the survey is somehow limited, it can be a geographical limitation (small territory), specific social groups, the need to find out the current mood in the field, etc. Therefore, thanks to our survey network, which has been operating continuously since 2004, we can cover many areas that cannot be easily detected using an online questionnaire.