Henkel´s sailor party

31. 12. 2019

On the occasion of moving to the new offices in Dock in Holešovice, we prepared a thematical pirate party for Henkel. Under the motto “We are sailing for the Dock”, all the newborn sailors met in unique spaces of the Civic Swimming Pool and celebrated the exploration of the new “wild waters” in their special costumes.

Employees received a printed invitation and a video invitation with a pirate story. Their task was to register for a special microsite. All the decorations and other materials that we designed in a combination of black, gold and white expressed the luxury and uniqueness of the party.

There was a lot of fun during the event. Video with speeches from the leadership, pirate fountain and highlight of the party - the performance of Captain Demo, entertained people throughout the evening. There was also gourmet catering and real pirate tasting of rums. The party wasn't just about fun. Throughout the event, there was a charity activity. Employees collected hidden gold coins. After completing the task, a donation to the Olga Havel Foundation was handed over.

The pirate party has earned a number of positive responses and has been very successful. And we are already looking forward to the next event!

Photos from thematic party can be found in our photo gallery.