Covid-19: Merchandising Ppm Factum helps people in the front line

26. 03. 2020

Merchandising Ppm Factum continues to help people in the front line. We tried to offer full service in stores and to ensure that everything works as well as ever.

As you know, in the current situation, not only physicians but also shop workers are most at risk and overloaded. The staff is putting enormous time and psychological pressure and the risk of the presence of Covid-19 is greater. Also, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we are struggling with the lack and unavailability of protective equipment.

Therefore, our MCHD decided to lend a hand and, in addition to maximum reliability and field deployment, also demonstrated independence and flexibility in the production of masks for themselves and shop personnel and selfless help for people around them.

We would like to thank all doctors, nurses, pharmacists, emergency services, as well as shop personnel for all services and care. At the same time, we are extremely proud of our co-workers who are helping to avert this crisis.

Thank you again and wish you a lot of health and immunity!